It was quite a piece of shocking news produced by Kaiyuan Wang, a fully dedicated Open Source, um, should I say, evangelist. There’s no need for me to repeat what has happened. All I have to say is that, I AM ON HIS SIDE. I’ve never ever imagined that someday I can see such a brave Chinese, although in foreign countries there are a lot of such people who dare to even sacrifice for their undertaking. It’s too hard to realize one’s dream here.
Unfortunately, many Chinese people on the network have misunderstood his sincere and passionate activity to some kinds of show up. Well, I might have to understand their suspiciousness, because they have been cheated heavily, especially on the network and other medias. However, if one has read the news carefully enough, there should not have been such doubt and suspicions. Was Wang making a show for his employer, LPI, which is a non-profit organization giving Linux certifications? If he did make a show, he was making a show for the Open Source community, which is almost unknown in this giant country.
I saw many comments around doubting and even reviling Wang, and as usual, all of the comments have well reflected the ignorance of their poor authors, the ignorance about free software and Open Source. They even do not spend a little of their shitty life on researching for what on earth is free software and what the hell is Open Source, to add some knowledge to their m*****f***ing brain.
Forgive my rudeness towards such people.
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