I’d never imagined that one day I would be working in a very much limited environment, and thus applications like Portable Firefox which tend to be as much __green__ as possible had never got my attention. But nowadays, I’ve completely changed my attitude towards such applications.
Accessing windows registry? Forbidden. Configuring system services? Forbidden. Mapping network drivers other than the ones specified by the almighty administrator(s)? Forbidden. Installing an ActiveX plugin such as Adobe Flash Player to the poor naked IE? Forbidden, of course. Although I’ve always had enough with those bursting flash objects in web pages, being expropriated the chance to selectively enjoy good flash objects is very unpleasant. Right, just unpleasant, and it can never be frustrating, muhaha!
Time comes to introduce a very old friend of mine that for long I’ve even forgotten its existence: the tiny browser named K-Melon. It’s really a very old friend of mine, no kidding. It was my first alternative choice of browsers when I was a really newbie using Windows 98 SE. By using K-Melon, I gradually got to know firebird, the bird which today has mutated to an animal called firefox, and some other browsers sharing the same Gecko rendering kernel. I admit it was not very attractive at that time, with an ugly UI, lacking enough extension and plugins; you’ll have to forgive my nearsightedness, because browsers other than IE didn’t have an easy life to deal with at that time, and neither were their users that had chosen them as their primary or even secondary browser. So gradually it disappeared from my hard drive.
Till just now:)
As what I mentioned above, I’m currently working in a very limited environment and I even cannot install a flash player plugin to the IE I’m using. Moreover, I cannot install any other applications since I don’t have the mythical permissions of accessing both registry and some file systems. What’s more, even Portable Firefox cannot start due to some failures in the underlying XPCOM layer. Cool…
For God’s sake, K-Melon is working very well even under such circumstances, the only problem was that all flash player installation programs I grabbed from adobe.com couldn’t run properly, mentioning me that I was not the almighty administrator whom I think I can never be. Nevertheless, it’s not even a competent problem for someone who has a rough understanding about the Mozilla family browsers: copy what you have in $MOZILLA_OR_FIREFOX_OR_WHATEVER/plugins/ that have something to do with flash to the same named directory in the K-Melon installation directory, and restart your running K-Melon if there’s any. Then navigate to wherever a flash object dwells, whoa, I have my beloved flash now:)
It’s still mysterious why firefox and Portable Firefox failed on the system, they should have followed well the Unix philosophy, or am I just putting too much burden on them?:) Never mind, I’d never thought that those Flash objects hungering for CPU and memory could some day be so genial as well after several days of parting.