It’s a damn cold night. The drizzle today just drove me back to the winter while I’m wearing thinner clothes. There always seems to be only 2 seasons here: the summer and the winter. Spring is the lesser winter, and fall, too.
Well, I’ve been absent from blogging for quite some days, just like once I was absent from so many lessons. The only difference is I got a lot while I was absent from university lessons, and I lost a lot while I was absent from blogging, not only the pleasure and the habit, but also the passion of blogging, maybe the passion of life itself.
Nevertheless, I’m delighted to see the title “Buzz Fuzz” is not an invention of mine, since I just decided to put the 2 amusing words side by side for fun.
The only pleasing achievement is I’m now very accustomed to living on Ubuntu Linux, the most friendly Linux distro to the green hands of mine. Look at me, I have really green hands even that I’ve been using Linux for 5 years around. Of course this is reasonable, and amongst all the reasons the most challenging one is the communication with the Windows people. However, I’m neglecting these problems and won’t care about those people anymore. Fuck off the M$ stuff. I’m sticking to Ubuntu.
I’m lost…
Black cursors are better than white ones. Very sparkling.
And beryl is really really amazingly cool. You can count on it. Not only a magnificent desktop amusement, but also a very productive tool making the desktop utilized, if it’s used properly. No bother comes with the key shortcuts.
Some hours later, I’m going back to that snail-slow stuff. Fuck that.